Working with a social media advertising agency like Local SEO that focuses mostly on social media is a great way to improve your online presence.
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Advertising with Facebook and Instagram

Working with a social media advertising agency like Local SEO that focuses mostly on social media is a great way to improve your online presence. Especially if you’re a business owner. Social media is by far the best way to reach your targeted customers. This is why it should not be left unchecked. You would be leaving so much money on the table by doing so.

Why use Facebook advertising?

Well to start Facebook has created a unique opportunity for businesses. With more than 2 billion users around the world, Facebook has the potential to reach audiences with incredible accuracy no matter the size. You can choose the people you want to reach through Facebook ads.

The reasons why you need to advertise on Facebook are highlighted and analyzed below:

  1. With more than a billion users a day engaging on Facebook, you benefit every day

More than a billion people on Facebook creates a great user base and an excellent opportunity to reach a multitude of active users who are more interested in your product, service or business

  1. Facebook’s advanced targeting is so precise
Advertisers now have thousands of options to reach their exact audience, because Facebook has implemented a powerful advertising targeting system. With this new implementation, advertisers can target only one person if they wanted too. However, some of these features are not available for Google, Twitter or other traditional media. This is why Facebook advertising is so powerful.


3. Facebook allows advertisers to reach their customers on mobile devices

Facebook is without a doubt the number one mobile app in the world. Their mobile app is one of the ways that people around the world keep in touch with friends and family at no cost, which makes the app even more profitable for businesses. An interesting feature of Facebook advertising is that Facebook ads are placed in different placements so that users can see and act on the ads. If your ideal customer is on messenger, then that’s where Facebook will display your ad. This is why Facebook advertising is so incredibly effective.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is another way to promote your business or product. Instagram ads have been shown to reach an attractive and visual audience. You can also use Instagram ads to attract your target audience and get your business where you want it.

Here are the reasons why you need to advertise on Instagram:

1. Digital advertising is growing and gaining ground

In terms of budget, companies are increasing their digital advertising budget each year. According to research reports, total online spending is expected to grow from $151 billion in 2015 to $204 billion in 2018 online, via their computers and mobile devices. Another advantage of digital advertising is that it offers more targeting mechanisms than traditional media.

2. Instagram is one of the largest mobile advertising platforms in the world

Instagram has about 600 million users worldwide and interacts with more than 75 million people a day. In addition, nearly 76% of Instagram users live outside the United States. It’s a complete market that your company can access. Instagram is definitely the ultimate platform to reach your target audience with so many daily regular users.

3. Instagram audience is strongly engaged

Every day, more than 40 billion photos are shared and 3.5 billion likes are on Instagram. According to a valid study, Instagram participation rates remain stable at 4.2%, while participation rates on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are between 0.3 and 0.7%. The dramatic increase in Instagram participation is due to the fact that Instagram is visual and user-friendly, which allows you to collect information faster and interact with a much larger number of people.



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