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Tired of dealing with SEO companies that drives no results? Stop settling for false promises. Contact the pros who will tell you how it is. We only take on clients we can help. No questions asked.

Tired of dealing with SEO companies that drives no results? Stop settling for false promises. Contact the pros who will tell you how it is. We only take on clients we can help. No questions asked.


Local SEO Services

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Did you know that about 96% of your customers that are looking to find local services will go online first before asking anyone? The number is even higher for smartphone users, as much as 79% will use some kind of search engine to find a local business. What do you think most local businesses do to get found online? By using local search engine optimization (SEO) from a top local SEO company in the country.

Post cards, newspapers, and radio are all on the decline and now local SEO are now the way that local consumers are looking for your services. That is why it is so important to have local SEO for your business. It helps you to grow your business because you will be found. In fact, there are four primary ways in which it does so:

  • Local SEO improves the rankings of your website in the search engine results pages and the local pack
  • Local SEO converts higher than any other local advertising channel
  • Local SEO allows mobile users to find your business easily, regardless of whether it is in the search engines, directories or even on social media
  • Local SEO helps your business get found on Google maps or through other navigation apps

Businesses need to think about local SEO in today’s economic environment. After all, Google and other search engines realize that people are looking for services or products that are near their current location. You might even be surprised to learn that more than 50% of the queries typed into Google are directly associated with local intent. How can this benefit your business? Since potential customers are looking for your services within your area, boosting your rankings through local SEO can help them find you. In other words, when your local rankings are improved, more people will visit your websites and that will mean more leads and calls for your business.

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We Use Google Maps Marketing to Increase Your Revenue

We Have Proven Local SEO Results Across Most Industries

Local SEO is relatively easy to understand. It allows your company to be visible for any searches that are geographically related. The specific way that it does so is within Google’s local pack, otherwise known as the map listing. In addition, the increased online visibility from local SEO allows you to rank above your competitors and increase organic traffic. More traffic through local search results means more business and leads.

It is vitally important for your small business to consider starting a local SEO campaign. It can drive both sales and leads from nearby customers if it is successful. You might even think of local SEO as being the phonebook of the future. If you have been around for a while, you have likely seen the phone calls from Yellow Pages or newspaper ads getting fewer and fewer. When people find your website through local SEO, it generates more contact through online contact forms and phone calls.

Google Maps Marketing

How Your Business Can Grow through Local SEO

This Stuff Isn’t Rocket Science, It’s SEO

There are so many benefits associated with having an SEO company helping you improve your local SEO rankings. Just to name a few:

  • Local SEO allows your website to be more visible to consumers in your local area. Since 96% of people are searching for local services online and 95% of them only search the first page of the search results, getting ranked is imperative. Local SEO increases the rankings of your website, improving your visibility all at the same time.
  • Local SEO can do more than improve your web traffic. It can also increase leads, calls, and sales from visitors in your local area. For companies that offer local services or products, getting those web visitors or leads from an area outside of your region will not do much to help your business grow. Thanks to local SEO, consumers in your specific service area will find your business so you will have a higher rate of sales per visitor.
  • Local SEO can be targeted geographically. Internet-savvy consumers expect to have an up-to-date online experience. Thanks to local SEO, your campaigns can be targeted to very localized groups of individuals.
  • Local SEO helps you stand out. Less than half of local businesses are using local SEO services, which provides a huge opportunity for you. Now is the time to get ahead in maps, local searches, directories and social media.

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Still Need More Convincing in Whether Hiring a Local SEO Company is Right For You?

You Most Likely Found Us Online and We’re Confident We Can Help Your Customers Find You As Well

You might be wondering if you should hire a local SEO service at this point. Take a look down the list to see if local SEO can help your local business grow:

  • Your company is locally owned and operated
  • Your company operates in narrow service areas
  • You own a franchise
  • You want more leads, sales, and calls from your local area
  • You want to dominate online directory listings
  • You want your business to be visible on Google maps, navigation apps and throughout Google’s local pack
  • Your company operates in more than one city or designated market area but is not operating on a nationwide basis
  • Want a marketing service that will keep on growing even after the SEO campaign is complete

Are You Wondering How Much Local SEO Should Be?

The Price Depends On Your Budget and Goals

Each company has its own unique style and your company is no different. The pricing and packages you offer are based on the needs of your consumers and the needs of your business. That is why it would be impossible to give specific pricing until we understand more about your business and the local market.

For example, if you are in the market for affordable local SEO services, but you only have a $1000 budget, you may be competing against other businesses with much higher budgets. If you are presented with a one-size-fits-all solution, you will not likely get the individual assistance needed to make it work for you.

That is where we come in. Every SEO package we offer has a certain set of services.

Best Local SEO Company

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What Goes Into Our Local SEO Packages

We Put In A Lot of Thought and Persanalization Into Our SEO Packages

At Local SEO, we include many services to help your business’s local search engine optimization campaign. These include:


  • Completing a market analysis of your service areas
  • Finding local competitors currently outranking you on the web for your services
  • Analyzing search terms, monthly search volumes, and more in your market


  • Auditing citations across all relevant online directories
  • Editing all local citations to include the right name-address-phone number (NAP citations)
  • Creating new citations
  • Discovering more local citation opportunities
  • Managing and monitoring local listings


  • Performing continual keyword research to find what and how your customers are searching for your services
  • Publishing locally targeted website content that improves your local search rankings and provides a seamless user experience
  • Adding microdata to your website (Schema markup) to improve your local business listings, make local reviews more prominent on search result pages, and increase your local SEO
  • Optimizing landing pages on a continual basis


  • Optimizing your company’s Google My Business page for your business address and phone number
  • Claiming your Google Maps listing
  • Optimizing your Google My Business page for backlinks
  • Optimizing your business hours and services on Google My Business


  • Monitoring your keyword rankings, organic traffic, calls, and leads
  • Monitoring the keywords rankings of your competitors
  • Monitoring your top-three local competitors
  • And more


  • Installing and monitoring advanced Google analytics tracking
  • Setting up and monitoring tracked phone lines for your campaigns
  • Providing detailed reports on how our local SEO services are impacting your business overall

Why Hire a Local SEO Company?

You Owe It To Yourself, We All Can’t Do and Learn Everything. Some Things Are Just Meant To Be Left To The Pros

If you’re like most business owners, you wear many hats. Between running the company, dealing with day-to-day issues, and still trying to make time for your family, there’s just not much free time left at the end of the day. However, as search engines update their local search ranking factors, it’s important you educate yourself so that you don’t fall behind the competition. We can help!

Local SEO is an award-winning online marketing company with great results for getting our clients more rankings, traffic, leads, and sales from the web. We aim to make every client a raving fan of our work, and we want you to be next. Read some of our client testimonials to see what our current clients think of us!

Our SEO campaign managers will use their expert knowledge, industry insight and range of tools to understand your company from a local business perspective, analyze the competitive landscape, capture accurate baseline information about the performance of your current marketing strategies, evaluate your website and local online presence, and formulate a strategy to increase your traffic and leads.

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Local SEO Services

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We make sure to pick the best keywords that will drive high quality and targeted traffic for your business. All our keywords are exactly what customers are typing in Google today. Local results is key to a Local SEO campaign.