Seo and digital marketing for law firms
Help your firm attract new cases with a data-driven digital marketing strategy that focuses on the keywords and phrases of the type of cases you are looking for.
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How SEO and digital marketing for law firms can improve client acquisition… 

The days of flipping through a phone book or newspaper in search of legal council are long over. Most people spend at least 4 hours a day consuming digital media and 9 out of 10 people will start their search for legal advice online.  Our SEO and digital marketing for law firms will help your website rank atop Google searches. Further, a well structured and easily navigable website and social media pages can be the difference between winning and losing your next client. People want to see who you are and what other clients are saying about your practice. Word of mouth advertising has gone digital as well. Be visible and dominate your market with a well thought out and structured digital marketing campaign. 

Which digital marketing services can help your law firm find and retain new clients?

Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Help Your Law Firm Get Found with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing tool that utilizes link building and page content optimization that will help your firm rank higher on search engine result pages.

Our Process is Simple:

  • Learn about your practice and your areas of focus
  • Learn about your customers and what relevant terms they search for
  • Provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your company current online rankings
  • Construct an SEO strategy that will put you at the top of search engines
  • Monitor results and continually develop quality content that engage your audience
  • Provide measurable data to ensure you get traffic and quality leads

Use Website Design and Development Grow Your Law Firm

Your law firm’s website is the first thing clients will see when they find you through an online search. Making a lasting first impression and keeping interactions simple and user friendly will go a long way in a clients choice of legal council. Further, the design and development of your website can impact the performance of your website on sites like Google and other search engines.  

Why decide to update or upgrade your website:

  • Increase traffic and searchability on sites like Google
  • Grab the attention of potential clients
  • Display your values and expertise to your clients
  • Drive conversations for your firm
  • Tie together a solid digital marketing campaign 
Websites for Law Firms
Social Media for Law Firms

Social Media Advertising
in Legal Terms

Social media marketing in the digital age is an effective digital marketing strategy for law firms to gain traction in certain locations and keep clients informed on a regular basis. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business allow you to share relevant information, current events and changes to the legal system. Law firms with a strong social media presence are more likely to gain the trust and interest of online users.

How social media can positively change your way of advertising:

  • Allows prospective clients to easily see reviews and comments on your firm
  • Use targeted advertising to specific geographic, socioeconomic, and age groups
  • Link to your website and other social media accounts for better exposure across platforms with minimal costs

PPC Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Pay-Per-Click advertising can drastically improve lead and call volume for your law firm. PPC ads are a cost effective means of targeting your ideal clients and allow you to track the success of your investment with weekly reporting. The experts at Local SEO will build, launch and manage eye catching advertisements that will show at the top of relevant Google searches allowing more clients to find your firm. Eliminate wasted spending and start your PPC campaign today!

Websites for Law Firms

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