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Drive traffic to your location and become a visible stand out in your community by creating a GMB account and optimizing your listing with Local SEO.

What is a Google Business Profile Account?

Google My Business is a powerful tool used to manage your online presence across Google. It can be a useful tool for consumers to verify your business exists and it’s location, contact information, reviews, find your website and understand your story. For businesses, it can be a very effective way to drive foot traffic, calls and leads to your business without customers having to visit your website. 

We call this a ‘zero-click’ search. Noting that many search queries result in zero-click searches, especially for local businesses, it is important to keep business listings up to date and optimized for many different types of searches. Think of GMB as the yellow pages for the digital age.

Google Business Profile

How Local SEO Can Optimze Your GBP Account

With a Google Business profile optimized by the experts at Local SEO, you can expect to see improved ranking on Google locally and increased call and lead volume in as little as 3 months! We accomplish this by using proven data-driven methods which are guaranteed to provide results. For example, the image on the left shows a business whose account was not optimized and does not appear on Google for relevant search terms. On the right is the same business 3 months after our team began creating and optimizing their GBP account. 


How We Optimize your GBP Account


A Google Business Profile is a free tool that Google provides which allows businesses to manage and oversee their online presence on Google Search and Maps. It's crucial because it helps potential customers find your business information easily and boosts your local visibility.

Optimizing your GBP ensures that your business information is accurate, up-to-date, and complete. This, in turn, helps Google understand your business better, leading to improved local rankings and increased visibility.

While results can vary, many businesses start experiencing improved local rankings and increased calls and leads within as little as 3 months after optimizing their GBP.

We can't guarantee specific rankings, but optimizing your GBP significantly increases your chances of appearing prominently in local search results.

Data-driven methods involve analyzing performance metrics and making informed decisions based on real data, ensuring more effective optimization compared to traditional trial-and-error methods.

No, you don't need a physical storefront. Google allows service-area businesses, home-based businesses, and virtual businesses to create and optimize GBP accounts.

Almost any business can benefit from a GBP, including retail stores, restaurants, service providers, healthcare professionals, and many others looking to improve their local visibility.

We can help you manage and respond to customer reviews professionally, enhancing your online reputation and customer trust.

Pricing can vary based on your specific needs, but our services typically include GBP setup, optimization, monitoring, review management, and performance reporting. We provide tailored solutions to suit your budget and goals.

Certainly, we have numerous success stories of businesses that have seen significant improvements in local rankings, visibility, and customer engagement after partnering with us for GBP optimization. Contact us for case studies and testimonials.