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Looking for an Iowa City SEO expert? You’ve come to the right place. We have helped many businesses in the area, large and small, achieve rankings on the first page of a Google for their keywords and phrases. We are sure that we can provide the same success for your company.
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Why Is Iowa City SEO Important?

SEO is well-known for providing the highest ROI (return on investment) of any type of digital and most traditional marketing strategies. This is mainly due to the fact that once a ranking has been achieved, it is unlikely that it will lose ground and can maintain the same spot for years to come. That is unless a new competitor arrives to challenge your ranking. Constantly and consistently applying our SEO strategies on a long term basis can even allow you to reach that coveted #1 ranking. An added bonus is that this digital strategy is cost-effective and will continue to provide returns in the long run.

Website Design and Development

Our Iowa City SEO Marketing Agency

Local SEO, LLC was established 2 years ago by founder and CEO, Christopher Lovos. His experience reaches back to 2011, this makes him and our company, veterans in the industry. Over and above our comprehensive search engine optimization strategies we also provide web design services and social media marketing campaigns. We continuously aim to keep our valued customers happy by providing ongoing results and ensuring good reporting and communication. Each and every client is highly valued and we, therefore, limit the number of customers that we offer our services to in order to provide each with the attention and results that they deserve.

Reasons Local SEO, LLC Is The Best Choice!

  • We specialize in tailoring long-tail keywords for more efficient results.
  • We use only White Hat optimization strategies for even better long-term Google rankings.
  • We employ a variety of different content marketing strategies to maintain your ranking.
  • Our skilled team will ensure that you get the results you want.
  • Our company is rated with 5 stars on both Google and Facebook.
  • We have an all American team of employees.
  • Our packages are tailored to meet the unique digital marketing requirements of your business.
  • We offer competitive prices where you only pay for what you need.
The foundation of our business is based on results. Our primary focus is on driving more traffic to your website that directly converts into more leads and therefore sales for your business. The White Hat strategies that we use are adapted on an ongoing basis in order to ensure that your ranking is stable and sustainable no matter how often or how much Google upgrades and changes their search engine algorithm. Christopher believes in going about improving a ranking the right way through enhancing online visibility and increasing traffic to get you more clicks. You can give us a call at any time to find out more about how this works.

The Local SEO, LLC Search Engine Optimization Process

It can be challenging to dominate in Iowa City. Therefore the best place to start is with an analysis of the direct competition that your business faces. We find out who your local competition is, what they are doing and what strategy they are employing as well as their primary keywords and domain ratings in order to identify the optimal strategy to beat them.

Once we have taken care of the competition, we move forward to implementing a tailored strategy including the following SEO techniques:


Repairing Website Technical Issues

There are many technical issues that your website may be facing that is holding your business back from achieving a higher search engine ranking. Problems with loading speeds, security, schema markup, domain redirects, and other factors all need to be addressed as a priority in order to ensure that the SEO techniques used in the future have the greatest impact.

Content Implementation

Relevant, unique and quality content that is added on a regular basis is critical to growing a search engine ranking. Local SEO will implement a consistent content addition schedule related to keywords that are specific to your niche. These keywords or phrases correlate directly to what internet users are entering as criteria in search engines like Google. The bulk of our content is in long-form articles that are rich in information, original and relevant in order to meet with Google’s algorithm updates.

Building Strong Links

Adding links to your content is simple and can be highly effective at improving your domain rating. However, building strong links has a far greater impact. We use backlinks strategically to produce even greater ranking results by using either one or more of our partner websites or local directory websites. We ensure that links are relevant and will even do the necessary prospecting to link your web pages to authority sites to give you that additional boost to your rankings.

What Will An Iowa City SEO Strategy Cost Me?

Of course, this is the first and most common question that our clients ask – how much is this going to cost? The truth is that there are many factors that will affect the cost such as who your competitors are and the type of techniques that need to be implemented in order to achieve the highest search engine ranking. These factors will decide the optimal amount of content and links that will be required as well as how difficult it will be to identify keywords that will have the greatest impact.

Our methodology is to provide a time based costing for implementing our SEO process. In other words, you will pay the same price for the services that you have selected over a specified period relevant to the results. For example, if it takes 100 man-hours to achieve a goal of reaching the first results page per keyword, the cost will be $100 per hour. Even if the total cost may seem exorbitant, keep in mind that it is for the entire campaign – e.g. $10,000 over one year.

During this period we will provide you with reports so that you can evaluate the value that you are receiving for the cost of the SEO campaign. We use the following Key Performing Indicators to analyze and report the success of the entire strategy:

  • Google Webmaster Tools reports
  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business
  • Google Search Console Data

Let Us Tailor A Iowa City SEO Strategy To Suit Your Business

If you aren’t convinced yet that your business needs an SEO digital marketing campaign to compete effectively with your competition, give us a call to set up an appointment so that we can answer all your questions. Our solutions are effective in a variety of different businesses including law firms, dental, salons, gyms and home services. Prevent your competitors from dominating online search engine rankings in Iowa City and allow our unique and comprehensive SEO strategy to get you ranked on that first Google results page.

For the most cost-effective marketing strategy that provides the highest return on investment, contact us today.

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