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You are here because you most likely Googled SEO St Charles. The way you found this page is how I get my business new leads and customers. This same method can be easily replicated for your business or any kind of business. Keep reading to find out why SEO is the choice for getting new leads and customers. If you need immediate help with your SEO please call our office or fill the form to get immediate answers and solutions.

To start, the main aim of SEO is to improve a search engine results page ranking and traffic to a website with the goal to achieve that coveted #1 spot (or even the latest #0 ranking for snippets). To do this, you need an expert in SEO St Charles who is experienced and skilled at integrating the various techniques into an overall strategy that will ensure that your website rises in ranking and is able to maintain its top spot.

St Charles SEO

Why Do You Need SEO?

The simple answer is because everyone is doing it. Even though SEO has been around for over a decade, it is only in the last few years that most businesses are starting to see the benefit of the techniques. Not only does this cost-effective strategy provide an even playing field for big and small businesses, but it also gives you the power to challenge your direct competition. If you aren’t optimizing your website for search engines, you are at a disadvantage both in the short and long term.

When SEO is done professionally from the start, it provides a solid foundation for your website that will prevent your web pages from ever sliding down the ranking ladder with very little maintenance. Avoiding penalties and using techniques that positively influence a ranking is essential to long term success. Not only is it a cost-effective strategy from the outset but these long term benefits offer the greatest return on investment (ROI) of any marketing strategy, digital or otherwise.

Choosing The Best SEO Agent

The rise in popularity of SEO for all types of businesses has also resulted in a multitude of SEO consultants, agencies and digital marketing firms popping up all over. This can make it difficult for businesses to decide which company will provide them with the best SEO solution for their business. A couple of factors to keep in mind when looking for SEO in St Charles include:

  • Go local! Our agency is knowledgeable about your location, the target market in the area as well as your local competition. Ranking high is often much faster when SEO is aimed at increasing a search engine ranking according to location.
  • Our experts are willing to tailor a comprehensive strategy to suit the unique needs of your business rather than offering package deals that are designed to meet the needs of the masses.
  • Our agents use only White Hat or organic SEO techniques which are preferable to achieving long term ranking success. It is best to avoid Black Hat SEO altogether and the penalties associated with these techniques.
  • Remember that SEO should not break your marketing budget and you should compare costs from different providers to ensure that you aren’t paying more than you should.
  • Our SEO agency provides you with regular reports and will monitor the success of the strategy in order to adapt it as necessary to ensure ongoing success.
  • Our SEO strategy provides a comprehensive service offering and the know-how to integrate these services into an overall marketing strategy which is simply the best choice.
  • Don’t rely on promises of quick results or instant high rankings. SEO is a process and not a quick fix and although it may take time to show results, an improved search engine ranking will be achieved and maintained by implementing a long term and effective SEO campaign.

It is also best to run a quick online search for the best SEO provider in your area and look for those that rank highest. If an SEO consultancy is able to achieve a high search engine ranking for themselves, it is more than likely that they will be able to do the same for you. Our client list provides proven results that the SEO techniques and strategy that we use will provide you with the same success.

The SEO Process

As mentioned above, the SEO process is not fast but reliable and long term. The process begins with an analysis of your current website and the immediate and once off page SEO changes that may need to be made in order to optimize it for search engines. Once-off page SEO techniques may include:

  • Mobile device optimization to increase loading times, website presentation and interactivity for use on mobile devices.
  • Optimizing existing landing page content.
  • Updating URL’s.
  • Correcting any technical issues that may be negatively impacting your search engine ranking without you even knowing it.
  • Analyzing current web pages according to context and relevance in order to ensure that they are indexed optimally by search engine bots or spiders.

The next step in the process is to start implementing a long term optimization strategy. Content addition is one of the primary techniques that will be used in optimizing your website and can include:

  • Delivery of a Content Calendar or strategy that will outline the type of content that will be added, when it will be added and the additional techniques that will be applied to the content.
  • Regular addition of content that is of high quality, unique, relevant and informative in the form of blogs, articles, testimonials, newsletters, press releases, etc.
  • Keyword identification and analysis.
  • The inclusion of HTML tags and meta descriptions.
  • Images and image tags.

Every new page that is created through content addition will be crawled by a search engine and indexed. Regular addition means that your website is crawled and indexed actively.

Link building is another important extended SEO strategy. Links are used to increase a domain rating which happens when links to other websites are included in your content and on your landing pages. This can be achieved by paid advertising, directory listings and including links to other authority sites that are relevant to your line of business.

Social media management is another long term campaign that can be implemented and is a bonus if provided by your expert in SEO St Charles.

You don’t need to be an SEO expert to understand the importance of website optimization for your business but you do need an expert in SEO St Charles to achieve the best results.

About the Founder

Christopher Lovos

I founded Local SEO back in 2016 with a mission to help local businesses create a source of traffic that will continue to give and grow with their business as they mature. Before I started Local SEO I was a struggling business owner struggling to make sales online for my e-commerce business. Till the company started hemorrhaging cash, I was forced to close the doors for the company after 4 long hard years. That is when I figured out that pay per click advertising wasn’t the way to go because it wasn’t scalable and it goes through ups and downs all year round.

For most business owners this becomes a trap because once you stop the Pay Per Click, your lead flow stops and everything goes downhill. This is where SEO became a huge interest to me because it provides stability and generates free traffic in the long run. A few years later my business now has a source of traffic that generates leads on a daily basis absolutely free. The question now is are you ready to make you website a lead generating money machine? Give us a call or fill the form to talk to Chris today.