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You are on this webpage because you are probably looking for a Virginia SEO company. You came to the right place thankfully. We have worked with several local businesses, companies, and small businesses get ranked on page 1 on Google for their best keywords and phrases and we are certain we can do the same for you.


 To start SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gives you the best return in the long run because rankings can last for years if done correctly. On average our clients maintain permanent rankings for years unless a new competitor comes in, but that is very rare for local or established businesses. As long as you follow the strategies, we use you will always be on top of page 1. SEO is also affordable compared to traditional marketing, plus SEO continues to give you returns for years to come.

About Our SEO Marketing Agency 

Local SEO, LLC has been around for over 2 years now, but the founder and owner have been doing SEO for more than 7 years now. We are basically dinosaurs in this space. We offer search engine optimization, web design, and social media marketing services for all clients we work with. Our company only recommend a service unless we are certain it’ll work for your business. Local SEO is happy to say that our clients are very happy with us because we continue to maintain great communication and deliver results every single month. We work with only a certain number of clients every month to give them the best results possible.

We are located right in Leesburg Virginia, but we service clients in different states with our search engine optimization services. Once you’re done reading this article, you’ll understand why working with us makes the most sense for your business.

Why You Should Consider Working with Local SEO, LLC

  • Ranked #1 for “Local SEO Leesburg VA”
  • We focus on long tail keywords to get results faster
  • White hat strategies so Google loves your site more
  • Content marketing strategies to keep you on page 1 longer
  • A strong and reliable team that gets things done
  • 5 Star reviews on Google and Facebook
  • Advanced reporting to see your progress in search engines easier
  • We use American laborers to do the work
  • Best reasonable prices around (Pay only what you need)
  • Packages are all customized for your business digital marketing needs

We built our business on results only. Local SEO, LLC only focusses on growing your traffic and increasing your conversions, so you get more leads and sales. Our white hat SEO strategies will give your website rankings that are very sustainable and unbreakable overtime because we all know how Googles algorithm is always changing year after year. CEO, Christopher Lovos believes in doing SEO the right way and that’s to get you more clicks and stronger search engine visibility. To learn more about the CEO please give us a call anytime.

Our Virginia Search Engine Optimization Process

Virginia isn’t an easy area to dominate for SEO because of the growing Northern Virginia & Virginia Beach area and we know that very well. This is why Local SEO starts their search engine optimization campaigns by researching the client’s competitors. Once we figure out who they are and what they do, then we put together all the data from their websites like their keywords and domain ratings; then we move forward to see what it takes to dominate them. Once that is complete then we move forward to starting the search engine optimization campaign with the following strategies:

Finding and Fixing Websites Technical Issues

Once you hire us to work on your website, we start the SEO process by analyzing your website for common issues that can possibly be holding you back from getting rankings. Some of these issues can be things like site speed, schema markup, domain redirects, website security, and a few other things. As soon as everything is fixed and is in excellent technical standing then we continue the SEO process.

Implementing Content to Your Website:

Local SEO will start to add new content that is rich with the specific keywords we have chosen for you that is related to your niche. These keywords are the exact queries your customers are searching for on Google’s Search Engine. All the content we write for our clients tends to be longer than most articles because we want to make it rank high on Google. SEO in 2019 is way different because of Google’s yearly algorithm update. They want content that is evergreen and original, so longer content works better.

Link Building Campaigns:

Having great original content is one thing, but to fire it up on the search engines you will need to supercharge your domain rating. Once we have increased your domain rating then all of the great content, we have inserted in the website will result in higher rankings faster. Next step will be adding backlinks to your website, so you can rank even higher on search engines. We find these backlinks through either our partner websites or local websites. We’ll also do some prospecting in most cases so your website can get featured on local websites with a link back to your website.

What’s Will Virginia SEO Cost Me

This is one of the most commonly asked questions for us, how much is SEO in Virginia? The honest truth is that it depends on who your competitors are and what kind of business you have. Once we figured out how difficult it will be to rank you on top of your competitors then we decide how much content and backlinks you will need.

All of our Search Engine Optimization campaigns run for a certain amount of time and is usually only one price the whole time. A good example is that if you need 100 hours to reach your goal to page 1 results for a particular keyword then we would complete a campaign like that for $100 the hour. You will most likely be paying $10,000 for that campaign, but the price will be broken down in months instead of a 1-time payment. As we mentioned before we will be reporting all the progress to you on a weekly basis or as you pleased. You will see all the important metrics like KPI’s (Key Performing Indicators). We usually monitor things like:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console Data
  • GMB (Google My Business)
  • Also, all other reports from Google Webmaster tools

Let’s Customize an SEO Strategy for You Today

If you’re convinced that SEO (Digital Marketing) is right for your business by now and want to rank for Virginia, then let’s set up a call today. We specialize in digital marketing for salons, law firms, home services, dentists and gyms. Our process works to rank you to the first page which will not be difficult because of the unique strategies we use that have worked for us for the past. Don’t hesitate and let your competitors dominate your space. Hire the pros to get you the traffic and customers you need to maintain a strong foundation for the years to come. SEO is an important factor for businesses today. Website traffic is cheaper than postcards, radio, and tv ads. Contact us today.